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Hey, I'm Kali; nice to meet you! I created this blog after I did some searching for ways to keep it sexy in the bedroom. I couldn't find much for plus size women and if I did I found out that the models were not even close to my size and the price of things didn't fit my budget. In this blog, I want to help you (and me) become sexier in the bedroom but still able to have extra cash.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kaliente Tip #4

LADIES! You wanna be the best lover you man has ever had. Or you just want to spice it up because you guys have been together for a while, I have your back! 

Tip #4

EBAY! I have become addicted to ebay because it gives you the chance to shop around and compare prices! I literally just bid .99 cent on this lickable body powder. I have bought most of my stuff off of ebay.

You have to have patience and be created to keep it Kaliente in the bedroom


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kaliente Tip #3

Okay, Ladies and Gays!

Tip #3!

You need to have a budget! I allow myself to spend about $30-$50 on select pieces that I know I will use. If its shoes or lingerie look for things that ladies you will like and can use more than once. I currently was on ebay buying stripper heels and when you just search for "stripper heels" they are like 70 bucks. I kept searching and searching and finally found a pair that I was able to bid on. I paid $35 bucks for the shoes which includes shipping. Its great to spend a little but I am super cheap and I know pieces that I can use in different times. So make sure you get a budget and keep shopping!